LAWYERS (who practice family law – adoption, egg/sperm donation, and/or surrogacy)
United Kingdom

Re: Donor conception or surrogacy
It is advisable for people who use a non-anonymous donor or a surrogate to have a “statement of intent” prepared by a lawyer before treatment takes place because the process of drawing it up will raise many of the issues that need to be discussed. A statement of intent could address the following points:
• The donor or surrogate's waiver of parental rights and responsibilities to the child.
• Reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the donor or surrogate.
• The donor's and recipients' wishes regarding the fate of "extra" embryos.
• In surrogacy, provision for placement of the child if the commissioning parent(s) die or divorce during the surrogate's pregnancy.
• The number of cycles a donor or surrogate is willing to undergo.
• Contact between parties (if any) during the pregnancy and after a child is born.
• The child's access to the surrogate or donor, or to medical information, in the future.