Updated: March 2018


Avallable from the Infertility Network Store (documentaries & pre-recorded seminars):

  • Documentaries (on DVD) by the Donor Conception Network:
    • A Different Story: 7 children & young people (aged 7-20), conceived through anonymous donor insemination (DI) by heterosexual couples
    • A Different Story Revisited: 12 children & young people (aged 9-26) conceived via sperm, egg, embryo & double (egg + sperm) donation by solo mums, lesbian & heterosexual couples
    • Telling & Talking: Parents & children (aged 5-18) in 10 families (2 single women, 1 lesbian couple, 7 heterosexual couples) who used anonymous or known egg donation, anonymous sperm, or double (egg & sperm) donation
  • Conferences (on DVD) sponsored by the Infertility Network
    • Building Families through Donor Conception: The Personal, Professional & Public Policy Issues
    • The Future of Donor Conception: Where Do We Go From Here?
    • Getting It Right: Putting Ethics at the Core of Gamete Donation Practice
    • The Offspring Speak
  • Seminars (on CD) sponsored by the Infertility Network
    • Choices & Challenges of Donor Insemination
    • Donor Insemination: Issues, Disclosure, Doctors
    • Donor Insemination: Disclosure
    • Egg & Sperm Donation
    • Egg, Sperm & Embryo Donation
    • An Identity-Release System
    • Patient Preparation for Donor Insemination

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